Girls with slim bone/joint structure, narrow hips and long bones, show off their beautifully worked bodies, in an aesthetic combination of muscularity and slenderness.

This is the division with the slimmest participants on the circuit.


Fundamental factor that brings together all the physical components.


Harmony and pleasing proportion are outstanding factors.


Charismatic staging is indispensable.



The contestants are presented in a two-piece bikini suit and shoes.

The bottom of the bikini should be V-shaped, cover the front part of the bikini decently and the back part should cover a third part of the bikini.

The bikini can have modest decorations, which highlight the structure, beauty and femininity of the participant, without hindering the observation of the physique by covering excessively areas such as the clavicular, shoulders, neck, arms or thighs.

The design and colors chosen for the costume should highlight the physical qualities and facilitate the participant's performance on stage.

Footwear should be sneakers with high heels.

The dimensions of the heels and soles should be chosen strategically by the participant, in order to favor her presentation as much as possible. We place special emphasis on this point, because, although we do not impose regulatory restrictions in this regard, we do urge each participant to choose her attire correctly so that her passage through the show is as remarkable as possible and does not put her at a disadvantage in relation to more careful participants.

Participant numbers must be worn on the left side of the bottom of the costume and must be visible at all times while on stage and backstage.


FTNESS DOLL will take place in the following rounds:

1. PRELIMINARIES or elimination round.

2. QUALIFYING or semi-final round.

3. SHOWTIME or finals.


Las participantes suben al escenario y realizan su Model Walk de Presentación de individualmente. Se desarrolla de la siguiente manera:

La participante camina hacia el centro del escenario, se detiene y hace una pose frontal, luego da medio giro y hace una pose de espalda. en seguida gira hacia el frente nuevamente, se despide y sale del escenario o al costado, según el oficial se lo indique.

El promedio de tiempo para desarrollar el Model Walk de Presentación es de 15 segundos.


Participants are called individually to the stage and perform their Model Walk as follows:

The participant walks to the center of the stage, stops and strikes a frontal pose, says goodbye and moves to the side of the stage, as the official directs her to do so.

The style, movement and character of each participant during her Model Walk is totally free, giving her the opportunity to decorate her catwalk with the elements that most favor her and make her stand out even more on stage with elegance, decency, beauty and distinction.

The average time to develop the Model Walk in this round is 10 seconds.


The participants go on stage and perform their Model Walk individually. This is developed as follows:

1. The participant walks to the center of the stage, stops and does a front pose, then makes a half turn and does a back pose.

2. With her back turned, she walks to the back of the stage, poses and makes a half turn into a front pose.

3. Walks to the center of the main line, takes off and passes to the side of the stage. The style, movement and character of each participant during their Model Walk is totally free, giving them the opportunity to decorate their catwalk with the elements that most favor them and make them stand out even more on stage with elegance, decency, beauty and distinction.

The average time to develop the Model Walk in this round is 45 seconds.



During the different processes of Evaluation and from the table of the Qualifying Jury, the following poses will be requested for all the Categories of this Division:

From the front.
Back Pose.
Fitness Doll Pose.


After the Presentation Model Walk, the participants will be placed in diagonal lines at the sides of the stage and will be called to the main line by groups to be evaluated by the Qualifying Jury. There, the 15 participants will be chosen to move on to the Qualifying Round.


Placed on the side lines, on the sides of the stage, the contestants are called by groups to be compared and, from there, to choose the 6 finalists who will go on to Showtime to fight for the first place.


After the Model Walk of this round, the participants are called to the main line. There, the comparisons will take place and the qualifying jury, with the support of our exclusive audience voting system, will assign the final positions for the participants.

To learn more about our audience voting system, please refer to the section.


The evaluation should take into account the entire physique, hair and facial beauty; overall body development and shape; presentation of a complete, aesthetic, balanced, proportionally and symmetrically developed physique; skin condition and tone; and the contestant's ability to present herself with confidence, charisma, poise and grace, along with the way she projects herself on stage.

The Judging Panel should favor contestants with a harmonious female physique; proportional and aesthetic; good posture; correct anatomical structure (including body frame, correct spinal curves, limbs and trunk in good proportion, straight and firm legs). Vertical proportions (from legs to upper body) and horizontal proportions (hips and waist to shoulder width) are key factors.

Body parts should have a nice, firm appearance with a healthy percentage of body fat.

The physique should not be excessively muscular or excessively lean and should be free of deep muscle separation and/or sharp muscle striations.

The Evaluator should also take into account skin tightness and tone. This should be smooth and healthy in appearance, free of cellulite.

Hairstyle and make-up should complement the Complete Look presented by the participant.

The Judging Panel's evaluation of the contestant's physique must include the entire presentation, from the moment she walks on stage to the moment she exits the stage.

At all times, the contestant should be viewed with the emphasis of a "fit and healthy" physique, with an attractive and impressive Complete Model Look, presented in an attractive, elegant and charismatic manner.

Each participant will be evaluated based on how well they display their physique in motion.

Participants will be evaluated based on the elegance of their performance during the different stages of the event.

Rhythm, elegance of movement, gestures, showmanship, personality, charisma, stage presence and charm, as well as a natural rhythm should play a major role in the final placement of each participant.


Up to and including 5’ 2” (158 cm)

Over 5’ 2” and up to and including 5’ 5” (165 cm)

Over 5’ 5” and up to and including 5’ 7” (170 cm)

Over 5’ 7” (170 cm)

Over 35 years. One class

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