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Although each of the WORLD STARS OPEN Divisions has its own guidelines, these should be understood as a list of recommendations for an optimal presentation for the participant and not as a conglomerate of strict rules that lead to penalties for non-compliance.

We urge participants to always keep in mind that our shows are designed to exploit the maximum potential of each of them, allowing them to open the door to be more visible to the general public, brands interested in new talents and organizations.

It must be remembered that flexibility (freedom) when presenting on stage is fundamental. Each participant should feel free to "decorate" their staging with the resources that make them stand out and highlight their qualities, as the main objective of our events is to achieve the maximum level of positive exposure for each of the participants.

In addition to being creative in highlighting their staging during the three rounds of the show, the participant will have the opportunity to show their best angles in the World Stars Pose, an additional Model Pose that all participants will present in their corresponding Division and Category.

Being a Bodybuilding & Fitness Model show, the attire in each and every one of the Divisions with their respective Categories, must maintain a standard of good taste, aesthetics, beauty, decency and not look like underwear, as no stage within the show will have modeling samples in underwear.


In our face-to-face events, participants have two opportunities:

1. to perform on stage with the elements and processes they know from their experience in league competitions within bodybuilding.

2. In addition to feeling comfortable exhibiting the beautiful traditional bodybuilding poses of the 60s, participants will have the opportunity to present their best angles with their own poses, created and rehearsed by themselves, in order to show their physiques in a more current and attractive way for today's world. This moment is called WORLD STARS POSE in all Categories of each Division.


All Categories of each Division will be developed along the following rounds:

1. PRELIMINARIES or knockout round.

2. QUALIFIERS or semifinal round.

3. SHOWTIME or finals.


In order to make the process of selection, qualification and election of finalists more objective and transparent, our panel of judges will be selected and announced in a timely manner.

The personalities that will make up the panel will be public figures with recognized and verifiable trajectory; professionals with important relevance in the fitness, fashion, marketing, film, television and sports sectors.

All processes will be supervised by the World Stars Open Evaluation Department.


We will reduce to the maximum the recurrent human errors.

We will not have traditional bodybuilding judges, in order to avoid biased selections based on different interests.

The panel of judges will be made up of charismatic, decent, kind and polite people, favoring a very good relationship with the participants.

The feedback that the participants will receive from the Qualifying Jury will cover important topics for professional growth and will focus on improving their conditions, so that they can improve their commercial relations and prominence inside and outside the events.

Jury members have the ideal authority and network to recommend specific participants to their industry contacts.

Some of our physical events will be supported by public votes through our exclusive application. In these cases, the Qualifying Jury will take into account the public's vote that the app will produce and these results will be published openly.

The events that will have the voting system available through the World Stars App will be announced in advance.


WORLD STARS OPEN es la única plataforma que cuenta con la opinión del público para premiar a los participantes que más gustan.

Teniendo en cuenta que las transacciones y alianzas comerciales entre atletas, marcas, empresas y organizaciones dependen de la demanda y preferencias del público o cliente final, WORLD STARS OPEN, dispone del único sistema existente en la actualidad, que premia a los participantes elegidos por el público.

Las organizaciones que desarrollen acuerdos con los campeones de WORLD STARS OPEN, tienen la certeza de que estos llegarán más efectivamente al cliente final con cada campaña lanzada por la empresa.


Si un evento WORLD STARS OPEN específico cuenta con sistema de votación del púbico, este mismo lo informará desde el momento de su lanzamiento, en nuestra web y redes sociales.

Puedes explorar el sistema de votación del público dando click en el siguiente botón:



First Round of the Show. This is where fifteen (15) participants are selected to perform in the Qualifying Round.


In this exciting Second Round, six (6) finalists will be chosen to move on to Showtime to fight for first place.


Public voting will be taken into account.

Feedback to the finalists.

The qualifying jury, with the support of our exclusive public voting system, will be in charge of assigning the final positions for the participants.


Because the structure, body composition and physical characteristics of each person are totally different, we do not rely on rigid parameters that are based on the same criteria.

The evaluation should take into account the entire physique, hair and facial beauty; overall body development and shape; presentation of a complete, aesthetic, balanced, proportionally and symmetrically developed physique; skin condition and tone; and the contestant's ability to present herself with confidence, charisma, poise and grace, along with the way she projects herself on stage.

The Judging Panel should favor contestants with a harmonious female physique; proportional and aesthetic; good posture; correct anatomical structure (including body frame, correct spinal curves, limbs and trunk in good proportion, straight and firm legs). Vertical proportions (from legs to upper body) and horizontal proportions (hips and waist to shoulder width) are key factors.

Body parts should have a nice, firm appearance with a healthy percentage of body fat.

The physique should not be excessively muscular or excessively lean and should be free of deep muscle separation and/or sharp muscle striations.

The Evaluator should also take into account skin tightness and tone. This should be smooth and healthy in appearance, free of cellulite.

Hairstyle and make-up should complement the Complete Look presented by the participant.

The Judging Panel's evaluation of the contestant's physique should include the entire presentation, from the moment she walks on stage to the moment she exits the stage.

At all times, the contestant should be viewed with the emphasis of a "fit and healthy" physique, with an attractive and impressive Complete Model Look, presented in an attractive, elegant and charismatic manner.

Each participant will be evaluated based on how well they display their physique in motion.

Participants will be evaluated based on the elegance of their performance during the different stages of the event.

Rhythm, elegance of movement, gestures, showmanship, personality, charisma, stage presence and charm, as well as a natural rhythm should play a major role in the final placement of each participant.

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